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I am a freelance editor with six years' experience at Quartet Books, London, including three years as Editorial Manager. I provide structural/developmental editing, copy-editing and proofreading for both fiction and general non-fiction.

As an editor, I focus on making each project a success on its own terms, opening up a dialogue with the author to understand exactly what it is they are looking to achieve. I find that a conversational approach throughout can help get to the bottom of what the text requires. I am always thorough and hands-on in my work but never interfering or overbearing -- I'm honest about what needs to be done, but you're unlikely to find large chunks of your hard work crossed out in red.

During my time at Quartet, I have worked on a variety of fiction titles, both literary and commercial, and on all manner of non-fiction, from memoirs to manifestoes for change, anthologies to illustrated books, histories, travel writing and more. If your book is not primarily a technical piece, I am confident that I can help you to improve it. Shorter pieces are also very welcome.

Please see the author testimonials and titles below for a flavour of my work and be sure to get in touch for a quote if interested. For those looking to self-publish, I also work closely with an excellent publicist (see here for more).

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Author Testimonials

'Peter is a brilliant editor. He is able to provide the perfect balance of big-picture encouragement and incisive criticism that is nothing less than transformative. I’ve been very lucky to work with him and recommend him in the highest possible terms.'

Venetia Welby, author of 'Dreamtime' and 'Mother of Darkness'

'I worked with Peter Jacobs (the surname is a coincidence; we are in no way related) over several months in the development of my recent novel, Pomeranski, published by Quartet Books.
'From the very start, this was both a productive and a pleasant experience. Peter understood exactly what I was aiming to do in the book, and he consistently and constructively helped me to achieve that aim. He read every word of the original and revised versions of the text with meticulous attention and every suggestion he made was intelligent and perceptive.
'Peter possesses two great qualities for an editor — he is calm and he is thorough. Any little differences of opinion over words or phrases were settled by agreeably interesting discussion. We spent entertaining and enlightening hours of discussion about the book jacket — which, in the final result, thanks to Peter, drew a great deal of positive comment from readers, booksellers, and even reviewers!'

Gerald Jacobs, author of 'Pomeranski', 'Sacred Games' and 'Nine Love Letters'

'Peter Jacobs edited my last book, Heavy Years (Quartet Books, 2018). It proved to be a collaboration that has led me to avail of his services for two further manuscripts.
'As a top-class professional editor, his precision in sub-editing can be taken for granted. What is rare amongst editors I have dealt with over the years is that he engages with the text with an enthusiasm that comes with acute insight. Any possible misunderstandings by readers are identified and alternative phrases or sentences are offered. His educational foundation gives him a sure but sympathetic touch in this, and amendments are negotiated with a pleasing complicity.
'I have benefitted greatly from his editorial exactness, which is, however, deeply sensitive to authorial whims and imperatives. It is always a pleasure working with Peter. Not least because a better book is inevitable.'

Augustus Young, author of 'Heavy Years', 'Light Years' and 'Brazilian Tequila'


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